July 20 2018


All Prices Include Shipping and Handling

All payments done through PayPal, and your shipping name and address will be provided to me for the drop-ship order. Shipping to mainland USA only at the moment, if you don’t live in that location, it’s pointless ordering.

Once payment has been received, please allow 48 hours for processing and 7-10 business days for shipping.

All payments are final and any chargebacks will be disputed, see http://pjg-developments.com/about/merchandise/credit-card-chargeback-policy/

Any questions, contact me.

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Stemless Wine Glass – $21.95

Tall Wine Glass – $23.95

Clear Class Coffee Cup/Mug – $22.95

Blue Glass Coffee Cup/Mug – $23.95

Pint Glass – $26.99

Standard Beer Glass – $27.95

Large Beer Glass – $32.00