December 15 2015

Apparanlty it’s #InternationalTeaDay, but it doesn’t say whether that is hot tea or cold tea (or even sweetened or unsweetened, blurgh))

So, who's with me? who prefers HOT tea, with milk and sugar? 

Since I came to the states I was introduced to 'cold' tea. There has only been one time that I had a small cup of it and it was enjoyable. I've since been told, it's because the amount of sugar that was in it. Guess I'll stick with regular HOT tea. 🙂

Enjoy your day peoples.

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  1. By Samantha Bunn on

    i am not fond of cold tea, like you i was introduced to it in the states, i will stick to hot tea

  2. By Kristin Freels England on

    I love hot or cold – just not with a lot of sugar.

  3. By Steve Antony Williams on

    I like all tea, black or white, no sugar, hot or cold.

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