September 24 2015


Decided to start up my site again, got a domain name and some VPS, will slowly be changing the content to be more upto date and also adding new content

I could say “Brand new website is launched!!!!!!”

Well, not really…  All the same sections and pages are still there, it’s just a facelift really!

Any comments, suggestions or requests, or if you notice anything missing, not working or broken, please contact me…

Yes, there has been nothing here from Sep till now, I’m guessing you think nothing has happened. Well that is wrong!  So far I’ve:

  • Become an Uncle (you can see the photos in the Gallery);
  • Done a little bit more work on my C64 shooter (nothing updated on site yet);
  • Done a little bit more on Squirm (nothing updated on site yet);
  • Had a Major career change (which took approximatley 2-3 months of my life for training);
  • Started to learn c# (I’ll keep ya posted on that one);
  • Started writting a PC Game/App based on a PS2 game (more will follow).

Finally got to upload the photos, apologies for the poor quality, but rather than taking a Digital Camera too, I chose to snapshot photos from the DVD footage I have from the event. Which eventually I’ll be sorting a DVD out for a few people (just need to remove a few things).

Went to Bit Lite / Retrovision 2005.

Added photo’s from a recent wedding I went to. (See Gallery)

Added screen shot of latest updates to C64 Game (See Diary)

Uploaded some pictures from when I visited Liverpool and Scotland. (See Gallery)

Decided to set up my original PDS system (128 to 64 link system), I’ll show some pictures soon, when done. For now, I’m a cable short, which is being worked on [More News about this will follow soon].

Finally got my Domain name back, so I can update this now, as I progress with various things.

Decided I needed to add so stuff to my site and give the News a page of its own, as it is big enough now.

Had to start writing a map editor to make like easier for the levels in Squirm.

Made some headway on the Squirm game; screen shots will be available soon.

Decided I’m gonna make a re-make of Squirm from the C16.

Uploaded Pictures from “The Meet 2005”. (See Gallery).

Went to Manchester for “The Meet 2005” (only name I could think of…)

Added Work in Progress section to my site.

Nothing updated, just wanted to prove I do sometimes think about my site. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me and tell me them (and I know about the lag time, but I am running my own server until I can justify purchasing webspace).

Added #OSG Picture section to my site.

Added Visual Basic section to my site.

Worked a little bit more on my C64 stuff (See Diary).

Added the Back in Time photo’s (I apologise for the darkness of some of the pictures, but the hall was very dark at times). If you see a picture on there and you want it removed (you might not like it, or you don’t want your face out there), contact me and I’ll remove it.

Came home from Back in Time 2004 (with a bad head…).

Went to Back in Time 2004 (Will upload the pictures soon).

After reading my new book, I have come the conclusion, I need to use Apache Web Server, I installed all this, got mySQL working, fingers crossed, all should work quite well now

Decided to spend some money on a PHP book. Gonna sit down and have a read and see if I can make myself a guestbook of some kind

Worked a bit more on my site, Nothing major

Worked a bit more on my site. Decided to offer a 1541 transfer facility, added a3D Work page and a C64 section with download(s).

Got a working Gallery for my pictures (thanks TMR/Cosine).

Decided I need a Gallery for all my pictures.

Came back from holiday.

Went on holiday to Spain.

Added some more waffle in the “About Me” page.

Finally got a website up and running!