September 24 2014


So, Humble Bundle were having a sale, and I’ve wanted to get something written (Game wise), so it was purchased.

I’ve been messing round with it, and done the Tutorial and started work on my own ‘something’ i.e. so I can see what it can or can’t do.

I did manage to get something going as you will see from the pictures below

Screenshot_2014-02-11-08-23-10 Screenshot_2014-02-11-08-23-21 Screenshot_2014-02-11-08-22-58 Screenshot_2014-02-11-08-22-50 Screenshot_2014-02-11-08-22-41

I have also decided to setup a YouTube Channel, as I plan on putting up some ‘Tutorial Videos’ there for people to learn it themselves (if they have bought a copy)

It can be viewed from here

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