March 18 2017

Flamethrowers and Counters, little more coding in the bag – #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev

Still moving forwards with this, I’ve been thinking about weapons and score keeping. I decided to make some notes and try to
make a start on some of the weapons.

Wanted to learn about Particles, so for this, I figured a Flamethrower would be a good choice, as you can see below in the little video it turned out not too bad. Had to add more options to my Weapon routine though, like ammo (or in the case of the flamethrower, would be fuel) and I also had to add a ‘range’, I figured that power-ups could happen, longer shooting guns, longer flames, etc.

Particles will be give me other options that I’ll work on, like a flame on the back end of the RPG, or lights in darkened rooms, blood splatter… they can evolve.

In the heading I also mention the counter, well, I’ve started on it, at the moment it’s a simple score counter, but I’ve got a friend helping me who is trying to make it work like a proper odometer, fingers crossed @HayMan_Marc will pull something out of the bad for me. (his site can be found here –

Trying to hunt down an offline Kanban, I need something that works ‘offline’ a bit like Trello, but that is another story, for now, I’ll just keep my notes in a text file.
Trying to also think of a decent name, so far I’m up to Highrise Escape, thoughts and suggestions on a postcard.

Slow evolution, but evolution I’m happy with none the less.

You can download the latest version from here.[no_installer].exe

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March 11 2017

First Impressions Last, impressed I was. :) #arbys @Arbys #WhyICantConcentrate

So, you know sometimes you see items online, and I'm talking fast-food or food in general, like the outer box of a product you'd buy in your favorite store/shop.

Well, since I've been in the states, I've never been to Arby's, the wife was always putting me off, last time she tried Arby's was over 20 years ago though and digging deeper it is because she doesn't like cold roast beef, and back then, that is all was available in the store she went. But, I convinced her. We were both impressed. Like the first paragraph states, getting something that looks like the picture is always a bonus.

This was scrummy, and while it's was a touch expensive (understandably, because of all the meats in it) I won't do it often but I will do it again (probably won't be available next time I go)

Anyways, food coma is kicking in, time to let it digest. šŸ™‚ Gonna try to get some coding done tonight, but if the way I'm feeling typing this is anything to go by, I may just do some 'simple' stuff.
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March 9 2017

Some more #WIP brought over the questions into the game, few bugs fixed, tweaks done, moved to #gms2 . #gamedev #indiegame #indiedev

So, now GMS2 is out of Beta, I decided to move my project over to it, and compile it there, the reason I'm saying this, it has a new compile style now, it comes as either an installer or a .zip file. (it doesn't come as a single .exe)

I'll will provide both eventually, when I've worked out a 'legal agreement' to put in the installer and a way to hide the files that I have as 'includes' within the game, there has to be a way to obfuscate the data, we'll see.

I've brought the questions and answers thing over from the prototyping into the main game, I took 209 of the completed questions and made it so that if you approach the door without the key, you get a question, get the question right, the door unlocks, but will re-lock when you go back to the floor. If you have a key, it will unlock and stay unlocked.

I'm still needing the other parts of the questions and answers to be answered, but I've changed my approach now, a friend of mine suggested I use categories, as a lot of questions will fall under the same category. Then all I need to do is get online and obtain lists of things, animals, fruit, male actors, etc.

Again, if you'd like to help, either by provided answers to the questions or deciding which category they would fall under, your welcome to help. Should the category not be in the drop down, just type it, I'll add it to the list of categories when I see it.

The link to the Google Sheets is

Few other tweaks I had to do, like, the enemies could, if you caught them just right, cut the corners and get you, no, no, no, stopped that, they now have to follow the walls. Few other bugs were ironed out as well, but as usual, I have spotted a few more and manage to generate a few more.

You'll see below a little run of what it does, you can just about make it out, I had to make it really small or twitter would knock it back (anything over 5mb bounces)

Well, ongoing process I believe, funny being a single developer with a full time life.

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March 6 2017

little more #gamedev more to do with the questions and answers, changes and direction of an #indiedev


So, as you remember I've got/had an idea for the locked doors in my game, it involved various puzzles to allow you to unlock the door without the key.

Well, I had to work on the question and answer part (as I've decided to prototype parts of the game outside the game, as compiling the whole game just to test a small part is a pain)

So, now I'm thinking, is 10 seconds too long or too short to be able to answer the question, maybe I can have the time based on the level difficulty, who knows… something to ponder on.

Also, in the post below this one (were I'm asking for help), while I've put the Q & A's on the google sheets, I've also added a 'Category' now, i.e you may come across a question that falls under a previous 'Category', the reason for doing this it will be easier to search for a list of items, say Male Actors, Fruits, Animals, etc and then have the code pull 3 randoms from that list. This will allow me to get the Q & A's completed much, much quicker. (The link for the Q & A's in in the post below)

Anyways, just below you'll see what I was thinking for the box, etc (which will change size based on the longest line of text it receives) fingers crossed when I've ironed out the little bugs (as there is some) it will just slide right into my main game and I can then move onto puzzle type 2 (or another part of the game) you can't see the mouse (as I didn't have that setting on recording) but as the text turns red, that is me hovering my mouse over the words. When the box shrinks, it's because I've clicked on the correct answer. (ignore all the other debug data, it's just for, well, debugging)

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March 1 2017

looking for help with Q & A’s. Is there anybody who you know could/would help? #indiedev #gamedev #indie

So, a big part in this stage I’m at with my game I’m doing, is a multiple choice question thing (it’s been mentioned a few times now) and I’ve tried various ways to make it easier for people to help me (and let me put this out there, I’m still doing it myself, I just need/want it done a little quicker)

I’ve tried putting it out to FB, but I only got one potential biter and then that dwindled away, so I’m going to put this, and then NOT post this to FB (yet, as I’ve only just posted another request), but all my other places, just to see if anybody in this world is willing to help. Even if a few hundred people only answer 5 each, that will still get a bigger chunk of my thing done.

Feel free to share this post to as many people as you see fit, maybe people out there who would enjoy doing this, etc.

So, I’ve put the Q & A’s in Google ‘Sheets’ now, so nobody even needs any software to help, the just need a browser.

Go to this link, and feel free to complete any or all of the ‘Wrong Answers’ you see, with some answers that bear some resemblance to the question.

If you can’t think of answers, choose a ‘category’ from the drop down, if the category is not there, add it, I’ll then add it to the big list


Thanks in advance!!!!!!


P.S if you do help, even a few of the questions and answers, and they are meaningful and correct, you will have your name mentioned when this project gets completed, as I know it will, there is something about it, I can feel it!



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February 25 2017

Bit more #indidev tonight. Questions, Encryption and (Anti)Tampering. #gamedev gets you something for #screenshotsaturday everytime.

You might remember a previous post all about the questions (I do believe someone even got one right, but they did have an unfair advantage).

So, I've been working on that for a little while now, I've had various problems, unsure if it's my coding style or the limitations of the software I'm using but I managed to overcome all the problems and ultimately get to a point that I'm happy with.

So, here is the thing, the questions and answers, I really don't want someone being able to find them (at the moment, I'm using temporary questions and answers which are on the net anyways, but when they are replaced, this will apply) as that defeats the purpose of the game puzzle, as you could just open the file and there is the answer. So I had to opt for some form of encryption.

So, I've got to a stage now were the files are encrypted so looking at them won't give you the information right away and I've also incorporated a simple tampering mechanism, which can detect if you try to change the external data, any changes to see what happens will cause the questions to change (and the answers) to the point were it advises you to restart the game (unless you've made a backup of them and put them back the way they were and continue the game)

While it's not the ultimate protection, it's more of a deterrent and a lesson for me in encryption and anti-tamper methods.

People have been saying to me, why the extreme, my answer…….why not?

Just wondering now what's the next thing I'm going to move onto/start.

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Generally speaking it will happen in stages, the more you tamper the more it shows, see below.

Before Tampering

Inline images 2

Slight Tampering with external file.

Inline images 3

Major Tampering

Inline images 4

I might even implement a MD5 check that quits the game if you cheat, who knows. šŸ™‚

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