September 24 2014


[On Hold]

What is this?

Well I wanted to write a C64 game but never got around to it, until now.

I got the idea from TMR/Cosine (well he bugged me into starting the game, and gave me some suggestions) and gave me some test graphics, then Andy Vaisey jumped on board and designed me some more graphics for it.  I spoke to cadavar and asked him if he’d allow me to use one of his tunes, to which he said yes.

I am keeping a ‘diary’ of sorts about it’s creation.  Read it here…

I’d written various little bit of software/routines on the c64, but wanted to release a game, so using some of the little bits of software I’d written from yester-year I started to build Frixxion.

With it only being a hobby (with having a full time job) it has been a slow process, but will get finished!

Keep watchin this space; the game will be coming soon!!!

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