March 26 2017

mock-ups or mocks-up? prototyping a title screen/menu for my project #lazysunday #gaming #indiedev #gamedev

A week as gone by with no updates from me. Were did that week go?

So, I’ve been brainstorming big time, been playing games (yeah, shock horror) and I’ve been using these games to get some ideas, well, ideas said very loosely as technically it’s copying, or is it?

I’ve setup a Kanban (see there was something about hosting my own Kanban, other than using various online ones, a lot of the ‘free’ online ones are free, but when you get to the parts that you need they become premium.

So, with that setup, I have a means of tracking, organizing and generally trying to keep on top of my project.

The other day I was thinking to myself, I’ve been on this project for around a year now, and it started to shock me, then I stumbled across a game on a website that showcases indie games, and the dude who made it stated it took him 5 years. That allowed me to wipe my brow, give a little phew, and continue without any worries.

So, this week I’ve been trying to knock some form of menu system together, I need to try to get to the stage that I have ‘parts’ of the game done, while they may not look graphically sound, it’s a back bone to show a potential graphics artist what my vision was, and that may allow them to join in, change things, suggest things, etc. I think I also need to make some simple sound effects for said menu system, just a couple of chinks, plings or whooshes as I navigate around.

Problem is, when I get to near completion of the menu, it means I need to move onto something else, something else that might be a little more difficult and scary, but I have to have the bad with the good… right?

What you think?

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