1. By Roy Roysterini Fielding on

    It was some serious ass whooping though.

  2. By Roy Roysterini Fielding on

    Never mind…. looked it up ?

  3. By Jason Kelk on

    i STOP coding for Strictly… and that includes ITT!

  4. By Adam Hay on

    I thought Dr who was the only excuse to down tools?

    1. By Jason Kelk on

      No, Strictly as well so this time of year is usually a bit quieter. =-)

  5. By Michael Cross on

    What IDE are you using here? Don’t recognise it.

    1. By Michael Cross on

      Thanks, think I dabbled with that one a while ago.

    2. By Paul Green on

      Its not to bad, more of a challenge for me as its a completely new language and I’m older than I used to be.

  6. By Wesley Ku Sherwood on

    Many some people just have sticks way to far up their asses. Complaining about what food items MCD’s serves is so stupid.

  7. By Kim Fagin on

    You have to look back and laugh sometimes. I have no shame about this:

  8. By Barbara Green on

    Yeah just makes me mad that it all seems to happen at one time!! We definitely need a break here. Did we break a mirror or something? They say things happen in 3’s so have we finally had #3 and not have to worry?

  9. By Barbara Green on

    Yes, its very hard work but when working together it gets done faster and we can bath pat each other on the back and say “Job well done”!!

  10. By Seth Vafiadis on

    Mother nature also provides the hurricanes that so far luckily have missed my Villa in Davenport πŸ™‚

  11. By Barbara Green on

    Well as you know, I called Comcast and its the Modem that is the issue. Hopefully what they did to it while I was on the phone with them fixes it. If not we might need a tech to come out. We will just have to wait and see!

  12. By Paul Green on

    Can’t remember myself, all I do know it’s a scan of a photo not digital, so I don’t ever have any around it to see, it might have been a 40th Birthday, maybe Tom’s (O’Brien) especially with Terry being there, he was very difficult to get out on the town, unless it was a special occasion.

  13. By John Gutteridge on

    I was thinking possibly Tom’s 40th……. Round Canon’s Park way or somewhere like that?

  14. By Thomas O'brien on

    John is right,it was my40th,over 10and 1/2 years ago!!!! my god,how time goes so quickly!!!!!

  15. By Terry Banister on

    I think I was trying and failing to give Andy bunny ears. Q all the highest jokes…………..

  16. By John Gutteridge on

    I think you were too Terry….. Epic fail πŸ˜‰

  17. By Daniel Hardman on

    When I work the weekend it’s more difficult than the week day. Understaffed and there’s always some sort of murder. Lol

  18. By Daniel Hardman on

    Alan does the same. He sneezes about a 10 times in a row lol

  19. By Marg Evans on

    Love it! That was definitely me today as I’ve got a week off now ? glad you’re well ☺️

  20. By Andy Kent on

    I prefer my Samuel Adams with some more Samuel Adams!!

  21. By Melanie Patterson on

    I’d would be preferred to not eat so late as it would not give your system enough time to digest. The cheese would’ve been fine on its own but the whole cheese on four pieces of toast is a tad too much for me…but then again, I am Asian and eats all the time so I won’t judge you, my fellow ferner.

  22. By Melanie Patterson on

    And in true Paul Green form…”That was not the answer I was looking for. I was asking if eating cheese late at night gives nightmares…you know what I mean?” (Liverpool accent in my head)

  23. By Robert Spencer Blalock on

    i ate braunschweiger and crackers before bed last night. no dreams πŸ™

  24. By Roy Roysterini Fielding on

    Funny how we all lived in rose tinted times.

  25. By Raj Nat on

    Hi ,I phone 6 on wifi just under 20 secs to fully open ?

  26. By Daniel Hardman on

    iPhone 6 Plus. On wifi 5 seconds to fully load.

  27. By Joshua Allen Neeley on

    Loaded a bit slow, about a total of 10~15 seconds to load everything including the top banner. Currently running a 100mb connection averaging a 25ms ping on the site. ~edit~ coming from the West Coast btw in case it happens to be regional.
    Additional Edit:
    Page Query results listing at the bottom is showing : 115 queries in 6.450 seconds / 63.17 mb

  28. By John Gutteridge on

    Is there a Choo-choo there my friend? πŸ˜‰

  29. By Christian Johnson on

    Supposedly u can see all 50 states and the UK but I call bs and a conspiracy.

  30. By Simon Black on

    Has that picture been edited or does that look like five versions of Rowan Atkinson in a bizarre, Blackadder themed boyband? It’s early on Fri 13th so maybe it’s just me!

  31. By Paul Green on

    Its just you. LOL.. No, seriously, its Mr Bean. The proper group is One Direction, that days Wrong Direction. Its a spoof.

  32. By Simon Black on

    Ok. Shows how much I know about current musical trends! Glad my eyes weren’t deceiving me, I never thought acid flashbacks would mean a world full of Atkinson themed bands. Lol.

  33. By Roy Roysterini Fielding on

    I’m not sure news of me being HIV positive would be of much interest or any other no-marks like myself. So, I see why a well known name gets the coverage.
    It’s hardly news though.

    I’m not HIV positive, just to clarify.

    ….to my knowledge.

  34. By Robert Hearn on

    Aren’t those the guys from Flock of Seagulls?

    1. By Paul Green on

      I know I’ve changed, but I remember doing my hair before this video shoot!

  35. By Joshua Allen Neeley on

    Good luck on the adventure. This reminds me a lot of a demo from blitz i think it was. It’s a fun language. I havent checked it since it went opensource on a lot of parts.

  36. By Simon Black on

    Nice! Change Double Dragon to Mr Do! And that kinda sums up most of my favorites. Might fire up the Mame cabinet tonight as well, now it’s fixed.

  37. By Paul Green on

    I was gonna build one, but Barbara said it would be too big, so went 2nd best and set something up on a laptop that I can plug into the TV. πŸ™‚ PS3 remote bluetooth connected, I’m good that way.. πŸ™‚

  38. By Simon Black on

    That’s what I do for retro consoles. Didn’t feel right playing Mario 64 on a cab. I use a Moga pad though because I never could get the PS3 pad to connect. What drivers are you using?

  39. By Samantha Bunn on

    i am not fond of cold tea, like you i was introduced to it in the states, i will stick to hot tea

  40. By Kristin Freels England on

    I love hot or cold – just not with a lot of sugar.

  41. By Steve Antony Williams on

    I like all tea, black or white, no sugar, hot or cold.

  42. By Crispin on

    Thanks for remake!
    I didn’t know for that game even that I’m C64 fan… but I found out that C16 is more sexy then C64 version imho.
    Just two things: Linux version is missing icon from Win version, and
    Windows version (under [email protected]) froze at some level, after I lost last life. Funny, It gave me another life, just player is not seen and can’t move – just fire at left.

  43. By Paul Green on

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look into the ‘icon being missing’ as at build time I’m giving it an icon.. very weird.

    I’ll have to set my linux machine setup to test, as I was only testing it really quick on a VM (via Windows), again, thanks for the feedback.

  44. By Milan on

    Very nice work.
    I saw you made two introes. Could I get the source code? It would be for educational purpose only. Well, I am back to my c64 after almost three decades and I decide to make little intro.You can reach me at [email protected]
    Greets from Croatia…

  45. By Paul Green on

    Sorry, I’ve not managed to convert the source code over yet from my 128>64 PDS system I had back in the day. That being said, there are plenty of websites online that can provide you with a good starting block into getting back into C64 Machine Language.

  46. Social PariahBy Social Pariah on

    @HyperRTs @Relay_RTs @TwitchOnline @StreamerNetwork @TwitchReTweets I could do with something a lot harder.