March 1 2017

looking for help with Q & A’s. Is there anybody who you know could/would help? #indiedev #gamedev #indie

So, a big part in this stage I’m at with my game I’m doing, is a multiple choice question thing (it’s been mentioned a few times now) and I’ve tried various ways to make it easier for people to help me (and let me put this out there, I’m still doing it myself, I just need/want it done a little quicker)

I’ve tried putting it out to FB, but I only got one potential biter and then that dwindled away, so I’m going to put this, and then NOT post this to FB (yet, as I’ve only just posted another request), but all my other places, just to see if anybody in this world is willing to help. Even if a few hundred people only answer 5 each, that will still get a bigger chunk of my thing done.

Feel free to share this post to as many people as you see fit, maybe people out there who would enjoy doing this, etc.

So, I’ve put the Q & A’s in Google ‘Sheets’ now, so nobody even needs any software to help, the just need a browser.

Go to this link, and feel free to complete any or all of the ‘Wrong Answers’ you see, with some answers that bear some resemblance to the question.

If you can’t think of answers, choose a ‘category’ from the drop down, if the category is not there, add it, I’ll then add it to the big list


Thanks in advance!!!!!!


P.S if you do help, even a few of the questions and answers, and they are meaningful and correct, you will have your name mentioned when this project gets completed, as I know it will, there is something about it, I can feel it!



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February 25 2017

Bit more #indidev tonight. Questions, Encryption and (Anti)Tampering. #gamedev gets you something for #screenshotsaturday everytime.

You might remember a previous post all about the questions (I do believe someone even got one right, but they did have an unfair advantage).

So, I've been working on that for a little while now, I've had various problems, unsure if it's my coding style or the limitations of the software I'm using but I managed to overcome all the problems and ultimately get to a point that I'm happy with.

So, here is the thing, the questions and answers, I really don't want someone being able to find them (at the moment, I'm using temporary questions and answers which are on the net anyways, but when they are replaced, this will apply) as that defeats the purpose of the game puzzle, as you could just open the file and there is the answer. So I had to opt for some form of encryption.

So, I've got to a stage now were the files are encrypted so looking at them won't give you the information right away and I've also incorporated a simple tampering mechanism, which can detect if you try to change the external data, any changes to see what happens will cause the questions to change (and the answers) to the point were it advises you to restart the game (unless you've made a backup of them and put them back the way they were and continue the game)

While it's not the ultimate protection, it's more of a deterrent and a lesson for me in encryption and anti-tamper methods.

People have been saying to me, why the extreme, my answer…….why not?

Just wondering now what's the next thing I'm going to move onto/start.

Inline images 1

Generally speaking it will happen in stages, the more you tamper the more it shows, see below.

Before Tampering

Inline images 2

Slight Tampering with external file.

Inline images 3

Major Tampering

Inline images 4

I might even implement a MD5 check that quits the game if you cheat, who knows. 🙂

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February 23 2017

#ThursdayThoughts YYC Compile Vs Normal Compile / Space & Speed Vs Time To Compile #indiedev #gamedev

So, this programming language I'm using has a few options under the bonnet (or hood for some people)

I hit the play button (to run my code) in the normal mode, maybe 30s to compile, and there we go.

But if I do the YYC compile, the same exact code takes about (well, one of my test compiles showed me this) 18 minutes.

Now, 'that is too long I hear you cry' but think of it this way. [off the wall explanation coming up]

You want to speak to someone in a language you don't understand, lets say you want to speak to someone in Mandarin (and before people come at me with, I know Mandarin, it's only an example!)

So, you start doing an email or a letter, you have to get your native language into, lets say, Google Translate, and then you copy the result back into the email. They email you back, you have to take their text, run it through the translator and get the result. You can imagine how slow that is, it gets the same results, but a little longer.

Well, that is what happens with the normal 'runner' versus the YYC compiler, except the YYC compiler has taught you how to speak Mandarin, so you get the same results, but it's quicker, but, you know that time it took to 'Learn' Mandarin, well that is the additional time during the first compile.

So, it's worth while in the end, but the lesson learned is… during basic coding, testing, debugging, etc.. the normal compile, if I then want to test a close to final product that would/could crash at the drop of a hat, then it's the YYC

Oh, and an addendum to this little explanation, that is only the FIRST compile, any subsequent
compiles, unless there is any major changes, it only takes seconds.. 🙂

Hope this is helpful to someone as I had to learn the hard way, changing a lot of my code to make it compile in the YYC, but it's worth it in the end.

Enjoy the rest of ya day!

Inline images 1

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February 21 2017

learned (learnt) a new word today mesmerization, I guess it ‘could’ fall under #TuesdayMotivation?


It happens with various things, sunsets, sunrises, 'psychedelic' colours, etc but a friend of mine shared this on FB today, so I had to reshare, just keep watching it. Oh, and while you are watching, remember this…'math is a wonderful thing'

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February 19 2017

#coding in my level difficulty for my #indiedev and thinking more about a #plot but I really need #art and #graphics

So, I have been trying to get my game so it's self adapting based on a few key variables within, one of them being 'level difficulty'

I'm thinking to start, just simple like, Easy, Medium and Hard. Using that theory I figured a value I could apply to most of the routines, that way, if it's an Easy level then there would be less locked doors, less enemies, etc

Another suggestion that was given to me, was the ratio between corridors vs rooms, so, taking that into account, Easy levels have more corridors and less rooms,Hard level have more rooms and less corridors. (see below the three types of levels as an example)

These rooms *will* have something in then, something to do, something to collect, all that stuff, I've not fleshed out anything down there yet, I'm thinking the plot will help me decided those factors.

Now, the plot, I'm thinking of a 'High Rise' type game, it could have levels (again, if the levels get harder, I can tweak the 'difficulty' value to affect gameplay) but each level is a high rise building which has 'floors' accessible via stairs (or an elevator, haven't decided that part), and you have to do a 'task' per building? I haven't thought that far ahead (ideas on a postcard please) Possible thoughts are, collect parts of 'something' to make a complete 'something' to let you get out of the high-rise.

One of the things I'm thinking more about now, is looking for graphics, mainly using 'free' test graphics to get 'stuff' working, but I'm thinking with additional art, it may spark more ideas, it may also help the direction it will go. But where do I go to ask?

Anyways, here are the 3 sizes of the levels


Inline images 1


Inline images 2


Inline images 3

Provide another update when I've done 'something'  more:)

February 17 2017

bit more #gamedev – questions, questions, questions….

Hey All,

So, what I been doing, well mainly 'thunking' to be honest.

I've been chatting with people to get ideas on how I can get around a 'coding issue'. So here is the thing, I could have random doors and keys, but if the key is placed after the door, that you are out of luck. So I needed a solution….


So, the thing, you get to a door that is locked, you don't have a key, a panel opens up (think of it like zooming into the keypad) and you are presented with a puzzle.

It could be

multi-choice question and answer (with some forfeit happening for too long, to many guesses etc)

Inline images 1

a tile based number slider, were you have to get the numbers into a 1 thru 8 (as 9 would be the space) (remember them?)

Inline images 3

a 'spot the difference' pictures

Inline images 4

[more to come, if I thunk hard enough or I get ideas from others]

So, I've gone about finding some 'general questions' online, I've found a list of 9,999 questions and answers, the problem I have now, I need to generate 9,999 * 3 (as it's a 4 multi choice) wrong answers… Hmmmmm, so do I do it all myself, do I reach out to friends and family and offer them chunks of questions?

It wouldn't be too hard, as the person can just answer similar answers to the answer provided, so there is not a lot of thinking involved, but how do I broach the subject.

Time to carry on 'Thunking' I think.

Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, feel free to reach out to me.