November 22 2017

PSA: I’ll be posting more on Social Media about my Streaming =-)

Recently I’ve reached out to a few friends and asked them if they were aware of me and my streaming, 75% of them said they didn’t even see any of my posts. I know a few of those friends have tons and tons of friends, so thinking about it, based on Facebook’s algorithms were it organizes what you see I can imagine that my posts are going to get lost within their feed. (

While I was thinking about it, a few times I’ve been just about to post, I held back a lot of them, as I was thinking “my gosh I’m probably spamming my friends wall” but now I’m thinking the opposite, it’s my Facebook, I can put on my wall what I want.

I know I have friends who will help me, I know I have friends that will ignore my posts (i.e. make no biggy out of it) and I know I’ll have friends who I’ll annoy (to them, I apologize now). But, that being said, to allow with time-zones, Facebook’s algorithms, I’ll be posting more about my streaming, my URLs for various things (even my F.B. page specifically for my streaming,

Even if someone reading your Facebook over your shoulder (as it does happen) could potentially give me exposure and I’m going to use as much ‘free social media’ as possible.

I’d like to make a go at this streaming, I’m enjoying it so far, to maybe build a small community of people who all share the common goal, maybe put some fun back into this world, put a bit of positive back out there, who know, I certainly don’t know, but I’ll try.

Generally, I’m going to be streaming most Friday’s and Saturdays’ (unless life gets in the way) and I’ll try to do odd impromptu streaming from time to time. I’ll be posting on FB when I’m about to go live, and I’ll also tweet it out, so if you want to know, your welcome to follow me on Twitter too If you are unable to watch a live stream (these can be watched on PC’s, Cell Phones, etc) 24 hours later (due to an agreement with Twitch) I’ll be transferring the stream over to YouTube, you are welcome to go and watch a couple of streams (even see how they evolved) at youtube/pjghangouts

Anyways, I think this is enough of my jibber jabber, but I’ll ask this, if you can think of anyways (apart from asking you guys to re-share this post) I would be able to promote my streaming, etc, to bring in more people, to build that community I strive for, feel free to put it in the comments below. Who knows, should your suggestion pay off, you will know, you’ll have that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, knowing you have helped someone in this world.

Thanks for listening peeps.

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