September 24 2014

Sid Searcher


Sid Searcher is a little program I decided to write because I needed an application to allow me to search all my SID tunes in HVSC, using their load addresses.  To download, use the download box to the right at the top.

This Program is very easy to use, just point it to you HVSC and your Windows version of Sidplayer (normally has a /w at the end). Give it your criteria you need answers for (i.e. Load address of $1000 and less that $1000 bytes in size, and hit search. All results are displayed in the right box. If you double click a tune (and you have Sidplayer setup) it will start to play the tune. If you want to make a note of tunes that you have searched for future reference, then click ‘Copy to Clipboard’ and details are ready for you to paste into your ‘Text Editor’ of choice.

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