March 9 2017

Some more #WIP brought over the questions into the game, few bugs fixed, tweaks done, moved to #gms2 . #gamedev #indiegame #indiedev

So, now GMS2 is out of Beta, I decided to move my project over to it, and compile it there, the reason I'm saying this, it has a new compile style now, it comes as either an installer or a .zip file. (it doesn't come as a single .exe)

I'll will provide both eventually, when I've worked out a 'legal agreement' to put in the installer and a way to hide the files that I have as 'includes' within the game, there has to be a way to obfuscate the data, we'll see.

I've brought the questions and answers thing over from the prototyping into the main game, I took 209 of the completed questions and made it so that if you approach the door without the key, you get a question, get the question right, the door unlocks, but will re-lock when you go back to the floor. If you have a key, it will unlock and stay unlocked.

I'm still needing the other parts of the questions and answers to be answered, but I've changed my approach now, a friend of mine suggested I use categories, as a lot of questions will fall under the same category. Then all I need to do is get online and obtain lists of things, animals, fruit, male actors, etc.

Again, if you'd like to help, either by provided answers to the questions or deciding which category they would fall under, your welcome to help. Should the category not be in the drop down, just type it, I'll add it to the list of categories when I see it.

The link to the Google Sheets is

Few other tweaks I had to do, like, the enemies could, if you caught them just right, cut the corners and get you, no, no, no, stopped that, they now have to follow the walls. Few other bugs were ironed out as well, but as usual, I have spotted a few more and manage to generate a few more.

You'll see below a little run of what it does, you can just about make it out, I had to make it really small or twitter would knock it back (anything over 5mb bounces)

Well, ongoing process I believe, funny being a single developer with a full time life.

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