April 20 2015

Unconventional Weapon

Here is my entry for the ‘Unconventional Weapon’

Cornflake Capers – I actually got the idea from the initial Twitter post, with a picture of a spoon, and I thought, yeah, why can’t a spoon be the weapon, but what will it fire…..and Cornflake Capers was born.


Shoot the Cornflakes from the spoon to blow up the mouths around the screen. You start with 20 flakes, when you have 4 or less (flakes), within 20 seconds another bowl will appear. Collect it to get another 10 flakes.

W A S D to move, Mouse to direct and shoot. Enjoy your Bananas peeps.

See how long you can last, try to beat your previous score, or try to beat your previous time, better still, try to beat both.

Graphics are from real things in my house, with the exception of the mouth, I have to say thanks to the Wife for allowing me to use her mouth for a animation.

I have also included the tunes in the game as a separate zip file, as I’ve had people before (previous LD’s) say to me they enjoyed the tunes, so I figured I’d allow you to download them.

Game has been tested and plays fully in Firefox 37.0.1 if you use another browser and it doesn’t work fully, well, what can I say, except download FF.

Hope you enjoy my little entry.

Web – http://pjg-developments.com/ludumdare/ucw/index.html

Windows – http://pjg-developments.com/ludumdare/UnConventionWeapon.exe

Windows Zipped – http://pjg-developments.com/ludumdare/UnConventionWeapon.zip

Tunes in OGG – http://pjg-developments.com/ludumdare/Music.zip


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