November 9 2017

Yaaaaaay, got my Twitch Affiliate. Thank you everyone #SupportSmallStreamers @TwitchRetweetr @TwitchTVGaming @SupStreamers @TwitchRetweetr @TwitchSharer @Retweet_Twitch @share_stream @ImLiveRT @ShoutGRT

I happened today, I got my email from Twitch asking me to become an affiliate.

So, what does it mean.

I started streaming my games, and, if you meet certain criteria they class you as a "dedicated and qualified streamer" which, also, allows people to 'subscribe to me' which means I'll could actually get a small income for playing games and entertaining people. *please note, subscribing to ME will cost YOU money. (and yeah, I've read Twitch's T.O.S / Small Print 😉 )

I would just like to thank everybody who did help me getting to this point, followed me on the channel, watching me from time to time (as it's all good and well having the followers, but you need people to watch you too)

See you on the next stream. 🙂

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