August 28 2017

Still coding, but pausing recent Retro Remake, spun back up ‘Highrise Escape’ #indiedev #gamedev

My website has been quiet for a while, as I’ve not thought of stuff to put there, or the stuff I’ve thought about putting there I figured may bore ya.

So, I started on a Retro Remake, and it took me a while to rip the maps (which I’ve ripped all 5) and I’ve started to convert the maps into the actual game, but I was all ‘graphiced’ out, so I decided to put a hold on it, and come back to my other project ‘Highrise Escape’.

I’d finished the Video Meanies, and had a break, started playing (and Streaming) Elite Dangerous, but after a little while, I realized I was using it as an excuse to not code. At the time I had a bug in my Highrise Escape and I’d finished ‘Video Meanies’. So I decided to start the Retro Remake to get my coding juices flowing again, which they did. I decided to look at Highrise, so I could see if I could find the bug that had stopped me coding it.

Funny thing is, I did find it. I fixed it and decided to put the Retro Remake on hold for a while (as to not get bored with it) and do a little on Highrise.

So, I ended up fixed the question box bug, and added a ‘Frost Thrower’ like a Flame Thrower but it slows down the enemy. I also add a ‘Static Bomb’ which you drop and run, and it explodes, shrapnel killing any enemies. I’m also working on a ‘chucking object’ for things like ‘Grenades’, ‘Spanners’, or general objects in the game. But due to the compile times of the main game, I sometimes have to do a ‘prototype’ of the part I would like to include into the game.

I’ve not put any downloads into this, as it’s pretty much the same as the last. (but I can provide if asked)

You can see below the game as it is, and the prototype below.


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May 24 2017

Video Meanies compiled to Apple Mac and Linux for testing #indiedev #gamedev #gaming #WednesdayWisdom

A wise person once told me, listen to your userbase. 🙂

After getting a little feed back from my first post, it would appear there is a need for a Linux version and a Mac version.

Having the option to do this, I decided I would. So, that being said, I’ve compiled both and I have tested it on El Capitan on the Mac, and Ubuntu 16.04LTS on Linux.

Links are below.

I’m assuming if you are a Linux user you’ll know how to install and the same goes for Mac users, if you are unable to install it, remember, Google is your friend. I pretended to be a user who didn’t know and found plenty of links around to show me how to get things working, to stop the ‘security questions’ on the Apple Mac, how to download and install a .deb package, etc, etc

Feel free to provide feedback if they don’t work on your machine, but only when it comes to the running of the game, not on how to get it installed, etc

Linux Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Apple Mac El Captian

Windows .exe zipped up in-case people want it

Hope you enjoy it. (Hope it works 🙂 )

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May 23 2017

I guess I now need some bug-testers, anyone? #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

I think I’m done, I have all parts in place, I have a fully playable game, I have a remake, can I believe it, I’ll have too.

So, you are welcome to download it below from the link and try it out, nothing major has changed, except all the debug routines have been removed (or have they, mwahahahaha… but I will know based on any screenshots)

The keys are WASD, Cursor, or Original keys from the C16 to move (if you hold down and left or right, you’ll shoot from the lower half of your body for the lower bricks) or Joystick D-Pad

Space, Return or Joystick Fire, will fire a bullet, this will kill enemies or destroy bricks to get through them, and sometimes you can’t see them all… 🙂

Some rooms may be more deadly than others, you’ll find that out the hard way, unless your really bright and it will be obvious.

Highscore routine works, you change the default letters (my initials) with Z or X and Return/Enter to accept the letter

I’ve probably missed some code snippet somewhere, if you get an error, please copy and paste the error screen (or screenshot it) and let me know, I’d like to get this bug free.

If, after you’ve played the original on an emulator or the real machine (if you are that lucky) and you find the re-spawn rate is too fast or too slow, or the lasers are wrong, fast, slow, etc… anything, let me know, again, with the screenshot of the room of concern and what the issue is (you can’t get this information to me via either my social media or the contact me, although you’ll not be able to get the screenshot to me, unless you upload it somewhere and provide a link)

Right, I’m rambling too much now, it’s waaayyy past my bedtime, only getting this typed up as the wife is watching #DWTS (Dancing with the stars)

So, the link is here

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May 17 2017

Remake getting closer and closer to completion #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

I’m still plugging along with this C16 remake (Video Meanies) and I think it’s coming along quite well. I have still have a few things to do, sounds/audio, high score and probably a few bugs I’m unaware off at the moment. I haven’t been able to test the joystick routine yet (keep forgetting) although the code is in there. Few other features I need to implement, like on the original, certain walls would actually kill you if you touch them, etc
[edit 05/18/2017 16:43pm – I’ve now put in the sound/audio, the original didn’t have a means to mute it, so I’ve not done that yet, if you don’t want sound, mute your PC 🙂 ]
Decided to release an .exe into the wild (see link below). Feel free to download, play and provide feedback (or any bugs you may find).

Controls are Joystick (if it works) or Keys.

From loading it up, you’d press F1 to start (or it cycles through the screens, like a demo mode) and then you choose K for Keys, or J for Joystick (if it

WASD / Cursors to move around [Joystick D-Pad if it works]

Space to fire (to kill enemies or shoot away bricks, visible or not) [Joystick A Button if it works]

[Cheats in background for debugging, getting out of a bind and WILL be removed on final release]

G – God Mode on or off (i.e. you will not die)

R – Replenish Lives back to max amount

F – Fast move (it allows you to walk through walls too, but will only go to a screen that is there)

I – Information at mouse for Debug Data

Insert – Display Overlay [Will Slow down the game, only for a quick on and then off]

So, the link to download it is here… please try and let me know if things need to be changed (after you’ve compared it to the original, like enemy re-spawn rate, laser beam speeds, enemy speeds, etc)

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