September 22 2017

How’s my game coming along? #indiedev #gamedev #gamemakerstudio

So, I’ve been streaming of late, but I’ve realized that I’ve not actually been updating my site or showing/saying what I’ve been doing, apart from notifying when I’m going online.

That is a little boring for you, so I figured I’d post an update (well, you can blame @JeffDev, as he wanted to see what I’m up to, so it’s all his fault [Thanks Jeff])

So, I’ve moved my project over from Gamemaker Studio 1.4 over to the new version of Gamemaker Studio 2, they have added a lot of new commands and got rid of a lot of commands, this means my project has what’s called ‘Comparability Scripts’ which makes my old code work on the new system. I don’t want that, so recently all I’ve been doing is going through my code and removing the old code and replacing it with new code, hence hopefully not using ‘compatibility scripts’ and hence not having any problems.

The game itself hasn’t really changed, just changing stuff under the hood, I’ve made a new friend who has stated he produce some graphics for it, so I’ve replaced my rooms with the brighter colour scheme that he provided. I also had to change the tile system (as it went from 1.4 to 2), I managed to get that fixed, and I also changed my logic, so a level can be generated, but now instead of it being a fixed size, it can be any size (and I mean, any size, so huge ones take a while to generate) but it works. Then I remove the rooms the player cannot get too, then I add the baddies, the doors, the weapons, keys, and go..
I really don’t know which way this game will go, it’s evolving slowly, as a full time life always gets in the way, but please follow this site to see updates, follow me on twitter, come watch me on my short streams I do, all the links can be found around my website.

So, this little short animated gif shows me running the game, then re-generating the levels, you will see they would be fairly big for the player to get around, but I’m viewing them as a whole, so you can see them.

More updates to come, enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

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