September 7 2017

Prototyping ready for my Stream tomorrow. #gamedev #gamemakerstudio #indiedev

Still plan on streaming tomorrow, but my new plan of action is to prototype some stuff before the stream, that way, when I’m stream I look semi-confident. I know we all have to learn sometimes.

So, at 7.30pm EST, I’ll be streaming my ongoing,continuous development of my game.

Tomorrow, I’ll be implementing (or trying too) turrets into the game, these will be randomly positioned throughout the map, and I’ve had to have 8 of them, 4 corners, and 4 sides.

If I move the mouse outside the circles, it will just sit there randomly going back and forth (or up and down, etc), if I go within the first circle, it will start pointing towards me, and if I go within the last circle, it will start shooting at me.

All these circles can be random sizes (for search/shoot ranges), but I’m just having the mentality of getting ‘something else in the game’ and I can tweak logistics after the fact.

So, come join me at 7.30pm EST

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or join in on my Discord channel, to just chat and jaw-jack

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