December 13 2015

Well it’s up, my #LDJAM, good luck all #indiedev #gamedev peeps. [voting hasn’t started yet]

Hey All,

So I’ve do as much as I feel needed for it, I could have done more ‘bells and whistles’ but I didn’t want those ‘bells and whistles’ to cause something else to break.

So the URL of my Ludum Dare submission is at :-

Unfortunately, to give comments/feedback you have to register (they don’t spam you and if you plan on commenting in the future, it might be worth it) but you can view the same project at this link below :-

and you can comment in this thread to let me know what you think (i.e. reply in what ever social media you are seeing this)

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, speak to you all tomorrow.

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