April 1 2014

Compo Enter

So, I decided to enter a compo to see if I could win……errrrrrr, nothing.

it was a compo to see if a game could be coded within 48 hours, it started 9pm EST Friday 25th April, and ended just now funnilly enough, as it’s 9.02pm EST on Sunday 27th 2014, so I guess the voting begins… :)

My entry is at

Diver – Ludum Dare 29 (48 Hour Compo) – Feel free to download, comment, vote, etc

I also uploaded it to here


Oh and guess what…. it’s been 10 years since I decided to setup a website…..

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March 30 2014

Little Update

So I’ve been working on an Android game, head over to the ‘Clickteam’ sub-section on my site to read about it.

Other than that, not a great deal has happened recently, but I figured I’d post this, just for s**ts and giggles.

Do people not realize that the internet is there to search, so someone registered on my site (as I forgot to disable registration) but the site did it’s thing an emailed me.

So I searched the email address that the person used, and it’s known on a lot of ‘spam’ related websites… so, guess what, user deleted.

if you want to be a ‘subscriber’ to my site, email me (via the contact me page) and I can add you as a user, and send you a generic password.

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August 30 2013

Site Startup, AGAIN!

Decided to start up my site again, got a domain name and some VPS, will slowly be changing the content to be more upto date and also adding new content

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