May 17 2017

Remake getting closer and closer to completion #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

I’m still plugging along with this C16 remake (Video Meanies) and I think it’s coming along quite well. I have still have a few things to do, sounds/audio, high score and probably a few bugs I’m unaware off at the moment. I haven’t been able to test the joystick routine yet (keep forgetting) although the code is in there. Few other features I need to implement, like on the original, certain walls would actually kill you if you touch them, etc

[edit 05/18/2017 16:43pm – I’ve now put in the sound/audio, the original didn’t have a means to mute it, so I’ve not done that yet, if you don’t want sound, mute your PC šŸ™‚ ]
Decided to release an .exe into the wild (see link below). Feel free to download, play and provide feedback (or any bugs you may find).

Controls are Joystick (if it works) or Keys.

From loading it up, you’d press F1 to start (or it cycles through the screens, like a demo mode) and then you choose K for Keys, or J for Joystick (if it

WASD / Cursors to move around [Joystick D-Pad if it works]

Space to fire (to kill enemies or shoot away bricks, visible or not) [Joystick A Button if it works]

[Cheats in background for debugging, getting out of a bind and WILL be removed on final release]

G – God Mode on or off (i.e. you will not die)

R – Replenish Lives back to max amount

F – Fast move (it allows you to walk through walls too, but will only go to a screen that is there)

I – Information at mouse for Debug Data

Insert – Display Overlay [Will Slow down the game, only for a quick on and then off]

So, the link to download it is here… please try and let me know if things need to be changed (after you’ve compared it to the original, like enemy re-spawn rate, laser beam speeds, enemy speeds, etc)

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April 27 2017

Taking a coding breather, but not, at the same time, mixing coding with nostalgia #gaming #indiedev #gamedev

Bit of an update, so I've had someone reach out to me and offer their services as a designer and graphician (if that is a word). They are going through a home move at the moment, but as I've explained I'm not on a deadline, so I'm waiting for them to get that done and we can then catch up and see if the 'joint venture' is going to work.

I decided to take a 'breather' from 'HighRise Escape' mainly because the more design and code I have in it, the more that could potentially have to be changed based on another persons input. But I wanted to keep my fingers in the pie (I like using that expression) so I decided to a clone. Now, I did, a while back, try to do a 'SkyKid' clone, but because of IP issues I decided to put that on hold, as I didn't fancy any 'cease and desist' letters, etc

So, I went on the hunt for a game to 'clone' which took me back to my youth, when I got my first computer, a Commodore 16, there was a little game on their called 'Video Meanies' and it was cool, simple and fun (although some YouTube video's on it these days, some people don't like it)

I took it upon myself to clone this game. (or at least start the clone process)

If you can get, and install an emulator (plenty of google, YouTube, websites to help you with that) you can then download a ROM of the game. A good place to start about Plus 4 Emulation (the C16's bigger brother you could say) you could go to and hunt around. So once you've looked for the game and seen how it played (or is played), you'll understand why my version looks like this. Plenty of bugs, haven't really scratched the surface, but the back bone is there.

No .exe yet, It's not at the stage I feel releasable yet, the bugs can cause a disappointing feel, but you can look at it in the .gif below.

Happy Coding Peeps.

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March 26 2017

mock-ups or mocks-up? prototyping a title screen/menu for my project #lazysunday #gaming #indiedev #gamedev

A week as gone by with no updates from me. Were did that week go?

So, I’ve been brainstorming big time, been playing games (yeah, shock horror) and I’ve been using these games to get some ideas, well, ideas said very loosely as technically it’s copying, or is it?

I’ve setup a Kanban (see there was something about hosting my own Kanban, other than using various online ones, a lot of the ‘free’ online ones are free, but when you get to the parts that you need they become premium.

So, with that setup, I have a means of tracking, organizing and generally trying to keep on top of my project.

The other day I was thinking to myself, I’ve been on this project for around a year now, and it started to shock me, then I stumbled across a game on a website that showcases indie games, and the dude who made it stated it took him 5 years. That allowed me to wipe my brow, give a little phew, and continue without any worries.

So, this week I’ve been trying to knock some form of menu system together, I need to try to get to the stage that I have ‘parts’ of the game done, while they may not look graphically sound, it’s a back bone to show a potential graphics artist what my vision was, and that may allow them to join in, change things, suggest things, etc. I think I also need to make some simple sound effects for said menu system, just a couple of chinks, plings or whooshes as I navigate around.

Problem is, when I get to near completion of the menu, it means I need to move onto something else, something else that might be a little more difficult and scary, but I have to have the bad with the good… right?

What you think?

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March 19 2017

Sunday, day of rest, do I do any coding today? #sundaymorning #indiedev #gamedev

I've been having an issue recently with my site and a plugin, that I reached out to the creator, now I totally get the creators direction on this, as there as been soooooo many times, I think… "don't you search Google, first?" or "why don't you use the Outlook Search Bar for your emails" etc. Even his support ticket directs you to a FAQ, as he probably get sooo many emails.

What I don't understand though, the issue I have with 'said' plugin in, it's only certain criteria that cause the problem, so I raised a ticket, provided a little info and hoped I'd get a reply that would would help…… Nope. I was directed to a FAQ, the one I'd already read over and it didn't help me.

So, really this post is to test if the plugin is working under 'other' criteria and then I'll send the log results and hopefully they may be able to help.

Oh, and like the heading said, I've not decided if I'm going to do any coding today or not, after all, it's a Sunday and a lot of people (I know people do work on a Sunday, I've been there) do have a relaxing day on a Sunday..

I hope yours is relaxing too.

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March 18 2017

Flamethrowers and Counters, little more coding in the bag – #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev

Still moving forwards with this, I’ve been thinking about weapons and score keeping. I decided to make some notes and try to
make a start on some of the weapons.

Wanted to learn about Particles, so for this, I figured a Flamethrower would be a good choice, as you can see below in the little video it turned out not too bad. Had to add more options to my Weapon routine though, like ammo (or in the case of the flamethrower, would be fuel) and I also had to add a ‘range’, I figured that power-ups could happen, longer shooting guns, longer flames, etc.

Particles will be give me other options that I’ll work on, like a flame on the back end of the RPG, or lights in darkened rooms, blood splatter… they can evolve.

In the heading I also mention the counter, well, I’ve started on it, at the moment it’s a simple score counter, but I’ve got a friend helping me who is trying to make it work like a proper odometer, fingers crossed @HayMan_Marc will pull something out of the bad for me. (his site can be found here –

Trying to hunt down an offline Kanban, I need something that works ‘offline’ a bit like Trello, but that is another story, for now, I’ll just keep my notes in a text file.
Trying to also think of a decent name, so far I’m up to Highrise Escape, thoughts and suggestions on a postcard.

Slow evolution, but evolution I’m happy with none the less.

You can download the latest version from here.[no_installer].exe

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March 11 2017

First Impressions Last, impressed I was. :) #arbys @Arbys #WhyICantConcentrate

So, you know sometimes you see items online, and I'm talking fast-food or food in general, like the outer box of a product you'd buy in your favorite store/shop.

Well, since I've been in the states, I've never been to Arby's, the wife was always putting me off, last time she tried Arby's was over 20 years ago though and digging deeper it is because she doesn't like cold roast beef, and back then, that is all was available in the store she went. But, I convinced her. We were both impressed. Like the first paragraph states, getting something that looks like the picture is always a bonus.

This was scrummy, and while it's was a touch expensive (understandably, because of all the meats in it) I won't do it often but I will do it again (probably won't be available next time I go)

Anyways, food coma is kicking in, time to let it digest. šŸ™‚ Gonna try to get some coding done tonight, but if the way I'm feeling typing this is anything to go by, I may just do some 'simple' stuff.
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