April 5 2017

My External Links

So, listed below is links to stuff I’ve done that are on other peoples sites [other places].

In no particular order :- (and I think I’ve got them all)


Diver – Ludum Dare 29 – Written in Fusion [Windows/PC]


Planetary Escape – Ludum Dare 30 – Written in Fusion [Windows/PC]


Build A Snowman – Ludum Dare 31 – Written in Fusion [Windows/PC]


Cornflake Capers – Ludum Dare 32 – Written in Fusion [Windows/PC]


Survive – Ludum Dare 34 – Written in Fusion [Windows/PC]


Legend of the Psychedelic Skull – Ludum Dare 36 – Written in GML [Marc did graphics] [Windows/PC]


Sid Doing Paula – Commodore 64 – Written in Machine Language 6510


Matrix Loader – Commodore 64 – Written in Machine Language 6510


Sid Searcher – Windows [Not Tested on anything above Windows XP] – Written in Visual Basic


Frixxion – Commodore 64 – Written in Machine Language 6510


SkyKid Clone – Written in GML [Windows/PC] – On hold at present due to potential IP Issues

Video Meanies – Commodore 16 remake/clone

Click here to download

[Emulator Version Details here – http://plus4world.powweb.com/software/Video_Meanies]

One of the two Ongoing Projects I’m working on

Provisional Name – Highrise Escape

Provisional Idea – You need to escape or you need to rescue

Graphics – Internet Ripped / Paid for Generic [Potential Graphics Artist in the mix, but also open to offers]

Audio – None, Again, open to offers.

One of the two Ongoing Projects I’m working on

Parallax Clone

Original Idea from the C64 game Parallax released 1986

ReWritten in GMS2 by me