September 23 2015

Ludum Dare

So I decided to enter the Ludum Dare Compo, there is no prizes, it’s more of a recognition thing. You are given 48 hours (it started on the 26th April at 9pm EST) to get a game, preferably playable together, and upload it for other viewers pleasure. So 13 hours later (give or take 30 mins), I got something done, everything in it is mine, code, title music, graphics, everything…Pleasantly pleased. Now to see what ‘Other’ people think of it.

My Entry is view-able here

Screenies of the game I did are as follows.


Planetary Escape

So, I’ll keep this short and sweet, as the description about Ludum Dares is below in the April 2014 comments.

In a nut-shell, another one happened, Ludum Dare 30

Here is my submission, the theme was ‘Connected Worlds’

It can be downloaded/tested from the following links

Windows –

Windows/zipped –

HTML5/Online – (bit buggy, no sound/music, only for people who don’t want to download .exe’s)

Feel free to go to

and vote/comment for my submission (please note an account is required to vote, and you do NOT get spam from them)

Build A Snowman

Build A Snowman

I have to admit, the original idea was all based around the fact that the ‘uni-code snowman’ may have won, but the theme still allowed me to build this.

I have compiled it in Windows (Windows 8.1) and have put a .exe and a .zip in the links.(Use mouse for grabbing)

I also compiled it out into an .apk and if you know how to get this to an android phone, this is great, if you don’t, I’m not explaining, Google is your friend, but you might want to think.. “should I be doing that”… there are no funky permissions on it when you install it. (Use your finger to grab falling parts, yeah, I know, I’m sorry, it’s difficult on a small screen, but it was initially build for windows only, the Android and HTML were just an after thought)

I also compiled into HTML5 and I’ve tested it on the following browsers. * Please note, original was intended for Windows users, HTML5 and Android are for users who don’t use Windows, so there are a few more bugs.

SeaMonkey 2.31 – Works if you actually click on the ‘Hit S to Start’ with your mouse
Firefox 34.0 – I couldn’t get it to work (it may be my configuration, try your FF)
Palemoon Version: 25.1.0 (x64) – Works
Wyzo v3.6.4.1 – Doesn’t work
Internet Explorer V11.0.9600.17416 – Works
Google Chrome Version 39.0.2171.71 m – Works
Opera Version 26.0.1656.32 – Doesn’t work

and Yeah, I do have that many browsers on my system.

Please try you version of any browser you have, it may be my configuration and that is why it doesn’t work for me on some of them.

There is a tune in the game, but it’s turned off by default, to give people the choice of listening or not.

Basic rules of the game.

There are 8 boxes at the bottom of the screen, and falling from the left and right you have parts of a snowman, two snowballs, hat, coal and a carrot. The idea being you catch it, and drag it down to the box, as you do, a piece appears in the box, get all the pieces the snowman starts to dance, click it, you’ll get points.

You don’t have to literally drag the next piece needed to build it, just click and drag anyone (would have been too hard the other way)

You’ll see a Furnace Fahrenheit value, temperature and snow/ice don’t mix, keep this value low by dumping a caught snowball in the chute to the right. Keeping it low means you’ll get a bigger score when you click on the snowman.

Should this temperature reach 30F it’s game over.

Hope you like it, feedback would be appreciated (I know there are a few little bugs, but I didn’t have the time to fully iron them out, the game itself is playable, and I hope you like the background, it’s actually my back garden).


Windows .exe –

Windows .zip –

Android .apk –

Web HTML5 –



Here is my entry.

Theme was either Two button controls or Growing (or both) I opted for the ‘two button controls’

Now the game is called Survive, and all you have to do it that.

On the Window Version (the main submission) you press Z to move yourself around the outside of the screen,and you use X to shoot, but you are limited to the amount of shooting you can do (that is intentional).

When you first start the game, the motion meter won’t start falling until you move (that was just to allow for people to start the game and then get their fingers on the keys ready)

If you stop moving, your ‘Motion’ meter goes down, if it gets to the bottom, it’s Game Over (press space to go back to the Title Page)

If a sprocket hits you, again, Game Over, be careful by the corners, you don’t want to be there when it fires one out.

See how high of a score you can get, it will keep your highest score until you close the game down.

There is also a Android version and a HTML5 version, they are both for people who don’t have access to a windows machine, just to see how it works. The HTML5 version operates pretty much the same as the Windows version. The Android version if different, you have an auto-fire and you touch the screen to move around but the game mechanics are the same (Motion runs out, or you get hit by a sproket it’s game over and it’s double tap to restart) {Please note, the Android version has no special permissions, but has to be side-loaded into your cell phone, and is set for version 2.2 and up)

I have tried my HTML5 version in various browsers, some need a ‘refresh’ to start it loading (don’t know why). Worked in MS Edge with no issues.

Hope you enjoy it, constructive criticism and positive feedback will be appreciated.

Windows EXE –

Windows Zip –

Android 2.2^ –


Legend of the Psychedelic Skull

9 Levels of Enemies from 9 Era’s

WASD to move around, mouse to shoot north.

M = Toggle Music
Q/E = SFX On/Off

Watch the compass arrow, it will point towards the skull you need to pick up (if it points all the way up, you’ve already collected it)

Get past level 9 and………well, lets see what happens.

Hope ya like it.

Windows EXE –

Windows Zip –


Code by Me
Graphics by Marc Hickey