December 22 2019

Highrise Escape

Another project I’m working on (and off) is a game I thought about when I had a chat with a late friend of mine (he passed away suddenly) and I wanted something to create in Gamemaker Studio.

Highrise Escape was devised, it’s slowly, slowly evolved, but keeps getting put on hiatus due to bugs, or lack of graphics (which is a lame excuse)

I will end up getting it completed, but there is no rush.

Below you will see an animated gif of the makeshift title screen and the main game, which can be (in it’s latest state) downloaded from here.


Also, if you press F1 while playing, or press the ‘info’ icon on the title screen, the rudimentary help file with the keys and known issues and wants will appear in your default browser

Current Date and Time of Highrise Escape Recent Build - Sun 12/22/2019 20:23:58.24