March 29 2019

Parallax C64 Clone

I’m currently working on a PC Clone of Parallax that originally was on the C64, here you can download the latest builds for testing purposes.


If you click here you’ll get the full compile with the intro, music and the instructions.


if you have already tried the full version with intro, etc and you just want the up to date straight into game version, if you know the keys to press and all that good stuff, then click here

If you want the version with no audio [probably the most up to date, as I don’t have audio while I’m developing] then get it from here.


Current Date and Time of Parallax Main Recent Build - Mon 01/13/2020 20:16:47.41

Current Date and Time of Parallax Main Without Intro Recent Build - Mon 01/13/2020 20:17:34.28

Current Date and Time of Parallax Main Without Intro Without Audio Recent Build - Mon 01/13/2020 20:18:56.88


Below is how the Main Game is looking.

[This may not be an exact version of the .exe above, only for visualization]


Below is how the Intro is looking.

[Not much will change on this, unless I need to credit people]



Below is how the High Score is looking.

[This is currently a graphical prototype at the moment and needs lots of work on it]



Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback can be sent to me and I’ll take them on board.