August 14 2013

Work In Progress

I decided to add this page so I can give you an update on various things that I am  doing at the moment and the percentage (if any) they are at and maybe one day, screen shots.

Also this is sort of to prove that I am doing stuff and gives me a picture on how things are coming along. This isn’t just programming items, just general PC things I need to get done or am doing

I have now decided to but a few comments at the end of each WIP, as I have decided I have spread myself out far too thinly, so I am going to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Game based on a popular television program (Win32)

[On Hold]

Stage At – Approximately 3%

Documented John Twiddy’s Cyberload (DOC/C64)


CSDB Link John Twiddy’s Cyberload

Stage At – Approximately 100%

64 Char/Tile/Map Editor (Win32)

[On Hold]

Stage At – Approximately 2%

Asteroids [Android]

[On Hold]

Stage At – Approximately 20%

Frixxion (C64)

[On Hold]

Side Scroller Shoot-em up (C64) (see Diary & GameBase64)

Stage At – Approximately 21%



Reminder Program (Win32)

Stage At – Approximately 100%


[On Hold]

Remake of the classic game Squirm on the c16
(and c64, but was a bit pap) (Win32)

Stage At – Approximately 54%

Map Editor for my PC Version of Squirm

[On Hold]

Stage At – Approximately 60%

PC Application – C64 Tools

[On Hold]

Stage At – Approximately 70%