August 28 2017

Still coding, but pausing recent Retro Remake, spun back up ‘Highrise Escape’ #indiedev #gamedev

My website has been quiet for a while, as I’ve not thought of stuff to put there, or the stuff I’ve thought about putting there I figured may bore ya.

So, I started on a Retro Remake, and it took me a while to rip the maps (which I’ve ripped all 5) and I’ve started to convert the maps into the actual game, but I was all ‘graphiced’ out, so I decided to put a hold on it, and come back to my other project ‘Highrise Escape’.

I’d finished the Video Meanies, and had a break, started playing (and Streaming) Elite Dangerous, but after a little while, I realized I was using it as an excuse to not code. At the time I had a bug in my Highrise Escape and I’d finished ‘Video Meanies’. So I decided to start the Retro Remake to get my coding juices flowing again, which they did. I decided to look at Highrise, so I could see if I could find the bug that had stopped me coding it.

Funny thing is, I did find it. I fixed it and decided to put the Retro Remake on hold for a while (as to not get bored with it) and do a little on Highrise.

So, I ended up fixed the question box bug, and added a ‘Frost Thrower’ like a Flame Thrower but it slows down the enemy. I also add a ‘Static Bomb’ which you drop and run, and it explodes, shrapnel killing any enemies. I’m also working on a ‘chucking object’ for things like ‘Grenades’, ‘Spanners’, or general objects in the game. But due to the compile times of the main game, I sometimes have to do a ‘prototype’ of the part I would like to include into the game.

I’ve not put any downloads into this, as it’s pretty much the same as the last. (but I can provide if asked)

You can see below the game as it is, and the prototype below.

If you want to watch me streaming my coding your welcome to go to

Oh, and below you’ll see a snippet of the map of the retro remake I’m doing, and I don’t want to put the whole map as a lot of time and effort went into ripping the graphics, and i do believe that I’ll be the only person who’s done it. I will release the map, but only when the retro remake has been completed, or has enough traction so that people know if the maps end up on the internet, then it was me that did them. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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